New Year – New Start!


More posts. More hilarity etc.



Been busy! Friends birthdays and not (boring) Valencia Grands Prix to blame!

Posts coming soon ref: European GP, Engine regs, Bernie, and my unbridled excitement at seeing live F1 at the home of Motorsport – Silverstone!!

Enjoy the pic!!

It’ll probably win a race this year……

Just two reasons to visit!

Exhaust Blown Diffusers Ban Confirmed by FIA

Image: Copyright Scarbs F1

The mooted ban on exhaust blown diffusers (EBD) will be going the same way as the f-duct of last year, i.e. in the bin, albeit a bit quicker than last year. From the British GP onwards they are officially contra to the 2011 FIA Technical Regulations and therefore outlawed.

Not too upset about this as they do tend to make the cars sound a bit like a nursery school class blowing a raspberry in unison through the slow corners. For anyone who doesn’t know how these things work, I’ll explain quickly.

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Bernie buys Daughter Petra a new Pad in LA

Lewis Hamilton and Tony Stewart ‘Seat Swap’