Montreal Madness – The Longest F1 Race in History.

First practice woes.

The weekend started ominously for Sebastian Vettel in the RB7. The wall of Champions claimed it’s latest victim early on in the weekend. Despite what many thought this was not the start of a bad weekend for Seb, although it didn’t end quite as well as he may have hoped.

All three practice sessions were eventful with plenty of action being caused by the upright stuff just off the racing line, however the pacesetters were again the Red Bulls, particularly of Seb, and the Mclarens and Ferraris were there or thereabouts. Particular praise I think should be given to De La Rosa after subbing for the still ‘unwell’ Perez. After dusting off his 2010 seat from the skip out the back of the Paddock, and a bit of a bodge job on his earpieces to suit the Sauber radio set up he did a fine job, although he did have a little ‘wall’ action himself in FP3. Continue reading


Safety Revisions at Monaco

Monaco have announced they will be making revisions to the barriers that Sergio Perez hit, and that Nico Rosberg so narrowly avoided last weekend. The Tecpro barriers did their job, but with a bit more run off, and therefore longer for speed to dissipate, they would be even more effective. The crane at that site will be removed and the camera position moved back. (Probably wise as the cameraman was probably straight off to the laundry with his undercrackers).

Thankfully Sergio is fit and well by all accounts, but will have to undergo further medical tests in Montreal before being cleared to take part in the weekends activities.

Monaco will never be a ‘safe’ racetrack in the way that the Tilke tracks are safe, and nor should it be, and I am sure the drivers would agree, it’s part of the challenge, however no-one wants to see ambulances on track at any race weekend, let’s hope they get the revisions right.

Long live the Monaco GP, I will make it there one year, even if I have to marry one of the Rainiers!

Bahrain ready?

Bahrain say they are ready to host the GP that was cancelled due to the unrest in the kingdom at the start of the season. This is the first time they have actually said they are ready, rather than they ‘will’ be.

The FIA are meeting on the 3rd of June to decide whether to extend the season, and the proposal from Bernie is that the Indian GP will move to the end of the season, and Bahrain will take India’s slot.

There have been objections, notably from Ross Brawn, that the season pushing through to December is just too much for the teams.

I say bring it on, however there are good reasons for not allowing the Bahrainis back on the calendar, but let’s not get into that here, more F1 = good!

Bernie probably needs the money anyhow.

Hot Air and Rubber Rings

So after the slight anti-climax of not being able to see how Seb, Fernando, and Jenson’s battle would have panned out in the closing stages of Monaco, what are we expecting from Pirelli’s little rubber rings of joy in Montreal? Last year saw a 4 stopper due to the very high wear rate brought about by the Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve’ extremely abrasive nature – it’s covered in snow for months in extreme winters – so what might the Pirelli strategy be, looks like hards and mediums, and based on previous races this year, this could be our first five stop race!! We will know more a week on Friday!

Will we still have ‘off throttle’ blown diffusers by the time we get to Canada, probably so, but not for long, Charlie Whiting indicated they would probably be gone by Silverstone over the Monaco weekend, but you never now, stranger things have happened. It’s a bit of a shame if you ask me, which nobody is, F1 engineers will always find a way to claw back downforce and performance following a change in regs, but it seems like the blown floors are falling victim of the ‘green’ argument. Waste of fuel apparently when the engine is blowing exhaust gases ‘off throttle’! Really!! Come on, this is F1, I’m sure a few gallons of the high octane stuff can be factored in.

Blown diffusers have been around forever in one form or another, Hakkinnen used one to great effect years ago in one of the silver cars, I think the real reason is sour grapes, and not just from Mr Kolles and the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) boys and girls, me thinks!

Also, who knew that the CEO of Sauber F1 was a very amiable woman? Not I!

Seats down in the Sauber motorhome people!

EDIT: Softs and supersofts going to Montreal.

For those that watch Free Practice on iPlayer this is Natalie Pinkham!

The woman behind the voice!

Petulant Child Overshadows Monte Carlo Classic

Hamilton seconds before spewing his 'Mind Vomit'

I’m compelled to have a bit of a moan!

One of the great gladiatorial heroes, a warrior of modern times, has – well embarrassed himself, his team, and brought our beautiful sport into disrepute.

Of course I am talking about the increasingly cringeworthy Lewis Hamilton, don’t get me wrong I believe Lewis is truly one of the greats behind the wheel on his day, however the constant blame game and overbearing arrogance have now been joined by the ‘race card’.

Yup, he pulled it out and shoved it straight into the face of the BBC’s lovely Lee McKenzie. However it wasn’t just her, as over her shoulder there was a camera with a worldwide audience of millions watching. The unrelenting tirade of, ‘poor me’ and ‘it’s everyones else’s fault’ was joined this time by the one card the boy Hamilton cannot afford to use if he wants to keep any respect and credibility he may have managed to hold onto since his championship year.

Unfortunately a classic weekend of F1 that had everything you could hope for from a weekend in the principality will now be remembered for an unnecessary and frankly childish rant about the FIA, the race stewards and his fellow drivers. A shame, but unfortunately now not completely unexpected from the boy in the silver car, thankfully the man in the silver car on the other side of the garage handled himself and his race weekend impeccably yet again. Now that’s a world champion.

Unfortunately Lewis you were WAY too late on the brakes this time.